A bit more about Old Vogue Costume in Lafayette

Mardi Gras Mask Old Vogue

Old Vogue was established in 1980. We have become one of the largest costume rental theatrical businesses in Louisiana. We house 4500 sq. ft. of inventory from the beginning of time to the present and beyond. We have assisted individuals, families, businesses, churches, schools, organizations and community theaters with their special events.

Rental in Lafayette - We rent fantasy period, seasonal, character, mascot and theatrical costumes and vintage clothing and accessories. We can dress you from head to toe. Hats,wigs, beards, jewelry (earrings, necklaces, chains rings chokers, pins, headpieces, cymbals, cameos, beards and bracelets),ties suspenders, glasses, gloves, masks, crowns, tiaras , helmets,headbands, costume props, badges, medals, epaulets, character stand-ups, beet purses, bags, shoes, petticoats and hoop-skirts. We also sell stockings, cigarette holders, mustaches, makeup, teeth, eye patches,eyelashes, fingernails and more! 

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