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    Do you rent costumes?

    Yes, we do.

    Do you sell costumes?


    How do you rent a costume?

    By coming in to our store, trying on the costume; paying the rental price and the security deposit (refundable).

    Can you reserve the costume in advance?

    Yes, by trying on and paying the rental and security deposit.

    How long can you keep the costume?

    A standard rental: Pick up costume the day before event and bring back day after.  If you come in the week of your event, we do allow you to take the costume.  Some exceptions will apply (excluding Halloween).  Exceptions are made for conventions, cruises, theater groups and school plays.

    Is there a cancellation fee?

    Yes, we keep 50% of your rental price and give back 100% of the security deposit.  You have 24 hours to cancel with no penalty.

    What if I change my mind after reserving a costume?

    A fee of $10 per costume will be charged.

    Are the costumes clean?

    Yes, after each use, costumes are washed or dry cleaned, wigs are washed, and masks and accessories are sanitized.

    Do I have to clean my costume?


    Do I have to try on the costume?


    What sizes are the costumes?

    XS-3X (not all styles come in all sizes).

    What if I lose, tear, or destroy a costume?

    The security deposit you give will cover each piece that is rented.  If a costume is torn and can be repaired, a small fee will be charged.

    Are there late fees for not returning costumes?

    Yes, a $5 a day late fee will be charged.  If there is a problem, call us and we will change your return date.

    Which forms of payments do you accept?

    Cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

    What prices are your rentals?

    Anywhere from $10-$150 (average is $25-$60).

    Do you have children’s costumes?

    Yes, historical and storybook characters, mostly used for school and theater events.

    Do you have baby and toddler costumes?


    Do you give discounts?

    Yes, but only to theater companies and school drama departments.

    Why rent instead of purchasing online?

    1. You can see the costume in person, feel the quality of fabric and try on your costume.  You know what you’re getting.  What may look good on screen may not fit or be the quality you want.
    2. You can reserve your costume for your exact event and not have to deal with a backorder or late delivery.
    3. With renting, you are paying wholesale or less for the costume and no shipping charges.
    4. You don’t have to wear the same costume several times to get your money’s worth.
    5. We have everything in one space to completely dress you from head to toe (read our accessory list!!)
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